Fruit Knife Autopsy by Warren Mortimer



2 reviews for Fruit Knife Autopsy by Warren Mortimer

  1. Stan Wierzbicki

    ‘Fruit Knife Autopsy’ is a collection of exquisite poems – I’ve read it in one sitting, stunned by the mastery of every piece. Most writers seem to think settling for brutal emotional honesty or for formal/ intellectual sophistication is enough, but Warren Mortimer writes poetry where both strategies function in a symbiosis and are pushed to their fullest! An experience full of bitter-sweet moments, wise reflections about life, full of wit and energy, a true joy – a must-read!

  2. Petar Tica

    An emotionally raw, open and honest selection of poems masterfully written to reflect thoughtful, poignant and mundane aspects of life. Each one brimming with wit, emotion and a confessional style akin to the spilling of guts – an autopsy indeed! An absolute must read!

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