Books?! Yes, I am reading…

Aside from reading all the submissions to GB Press (please read the submission guidelines, people!) and other poets contemporary and not, I am really enjoying Guns, Germs and Steel, by Jared Diamond. It is a fascinating discussion of the development of civilisations through their domestication of plants and animals, the spread of germs and technological inventions like weapons.  I also recently read In Paradise by Peter Matthiessen. One of the most moving, horrifying short novels I’ve ever read. A disillusioned American academic of Polish extraction journeys to his ancestral village and the death camp there, Auschwitz. He’s looking for evidence of his family’s existence in the village and has a suspicion they were Jews, though no one in his family acknowledges this. He becomes embroiled with a group of disparate people who have gathered for a weeklong meditation retreat at the camp. I feel I need to read it again as it’s a gem of compressed storytelling.

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