Welcome to Green Bottle Press

2018’s three books – now available on the ‘our books, order here’ page.


*Dear Poets who have submitted this June – please be patient with us getting back to you – you will now be hearing by the middle of October and I know some of you will be getting anxious – hang in there.*

Green Bottle Press is a small independent press, dedicated to the idea that poetry books should not only engage the reader with fresh language, form and subject matter, but also be objects of beauty.

The Press works with poets to produce books that suit both the form and the length of their poetry – we won’t be bound by standard page size or book length if the work demands something different.

No two books will look the same, but the imprint of Green Bottle Press quality will distinguish them.

The Press is particularly interested in publishing first collections and pamphlets of work written in English, though new work by established poets will also be considered.

In the future, the reissue of out-of-print work by published poets may become a feature, as well as work that includes collaboration between poets and artists à la Frank O’Hara and Larry Rivers.

Email: jennifer@greenbottlepress.com for any queries unrelated to submissions

*SUBMISSION WINDOW for 2020 to be decided in December, check back then.* Please read the submission guidelines carefully.