Sandra’s experience of being published

Working together with Jennifer on my pamphlet ‘Shadow Selves’ was a hugely enjoyable and rewarding process. Published just before ‘lockdown’, I was fortunate in being able to meet up with her a couple of times at my house. After being accepted for my initial submission, I showed Jennifer many more poems than a typical pamphlet would hold – she read them all, and I was extremely pleased that we saw eye-to-eye about which ones to include.
She was always very clear about what she liked or things that bothered her slightly, but was never prescriptive in her approach. I felt she simply steered me towards being my own editor and a better critic of my work. She was also an excellent listener, so that final decisions were all mutually agreed upon. I know I gave her and her typesetter a number of formatting challenges, but they were wonderfully patient and accommodating! I was delighted with the appearance and quality of the finished product.

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