The submission window for publication in 2023 will be the month of JUNE – submissions received after midnight on the 30th JUNE will not be read.

Green Bottle Press is looking for work by poets who write in English and who have not yet published a pamphlet or full collection, though we occasionally consider new work by more established poets.

Please do not submit to Green Bottle Press if you have not already been published by several poetry journals. Think of those magazines as your first readers. We would like to know where some of your work has been seen as well as the poets and poetry publications you like reading. Do not tell us about all your other publishing triumphs involving flash fiction, memoir, novels, etc. unless it directly includes your poetry (for example, plays where your poetry is recited). Please include a brief cover letter with a  short autobiography, no more than 100 words. Include your contact details: phone, address and email.

Please submit no more than 10 pages of poetry for a first submission. You should put your first and last name at the bottom of each page.

You may submit by post or electronically – please see the submission form below. If submitting by post, please do not send us your only copies. Submissions must be typed, not handwritten, and if you would like them back, please enclose a large, stamped and addressed envelope. Otherwise they will go in the recycling bin.

*If you would like a few comments/suggestions about your work in the case of a rejection, PLEASE INDICATE THIS in your cover letter when you submit your work.* Otherwise, a standard rejection will follow. The editor spends far too much time on this sort of thing and the occasional nasty email from irate poets who must never have been rejected before (?) is not worth the candle.

Please let us know if your submission is simultaneous to other presses. We will get back to you in about 10 weeks. However, we don’t mind if the poems are also out waiting to hear from magazines or competitions.

Keep in mind that if your submission is successful you will be expected to take an active part in getting your work out there! Readings will be organised and some book-selling will be expected. For our part, we will do our best to make sure that your work is read and bought by as many people as possible. This includes us sending out review copies for free that then vanish into the ether. That is the harsh reality of today’s poetry world: take a look at the poetry section of your local bookshop – not many ‘unknown’ poets or small presses are represented. You will be given 20 free copies of your pamphlet or collection. You will only receive royalties of %10 on website sales after 100 copies have been sold. You do not have to, but it is expected that you will buy some copies of your book from Green Bottle Press at 1/2 the cover price to sell on. If you are not intending to buy any copies, ever, please let us know as it will affect the size of the print run.brief



  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB.
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