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Shadow Selves // Sandra Galton

A first pamphlet rich with insight into our darkness and humanity.

Sandra Galton explores the complexities of the psyche with great bravado

and often sardonic humour.’ Tamar Yoseloff


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Average is the New Fantastico // poetry by Julian Stannard, artwork by Roma Tearne

A conversation between two friends, poems and paintings side by side, not illustrating or responding, but increasing meaning and adding new depths. ‘These poems…are about the unquenchability of human appetite. They make the best of things and ultimately, they promise us a benign philosophy. Roma Tearne’s subtle paintings offer a counterpoint to the text…in groups, in reverie, in celebration…these idiosyncratic figures intrigue us and catch us by surprise.’  Annie Freud

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Elements of Water // Caroline Davies

Caroline’s first pamphlet after two collections. A telling of the journey and aftermath of Noah’s Ark by one of the unnamed wives onboard. ‘These poems are sensitive, finely-honed and vital.’ Tamar Yoseloff

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Holding Distance // Grace Wilentz

Debut pamphlet by Grace currently living in Dublin, born in New York. ‘Wilentz has a fine, precise eye – what one sees in her poems, one sees as if for the first time.’  Shane McCrae

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The Waney Edge // Chloe Balcomb

The Waney Edge is Chloe Balcomb’s first pamphlet. ‘…huge themes – feminism, death, our life with other animals – into such finely-observed and delicately-wrought vignettes…here are poems of tender insight.’ Roselle Angwin

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Fourteen // Gail McConnell

Fourteen is Gail’s first pamphlet: ‘Poems that deal with issues of the utmost gravity – matters of life and death – nevertheless display a rueful lightness of touch. Fourteen is a seriously entertaining sequence of things’ Ciaran Carson

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Widowland // Pamela Manché Pearce

Pamela’s first pamphlet is a heartfelt, intense and sometimes humorous look at life after her husband’s death. There is something here for every reader – the theme of loss is universal.

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Hide Songs // Marc Woodward

Marc’s first collection: ‘Sometimes witty, sometimes dark, often observant of nature and culture….These are wonderful poems from a new lyric voice to watch and listen for.’ Andy Brown

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Berlin Blues // Beata Duncan

Beata Duncan’s posthumous collection is a reverie for the Berlin of the 1920s, the city of her birth. With deceptive simplicity she recreates her extraordinary home life and the dynamic cultural and political world of the Weimar decade before her emigration to England in 1934.

‘Magnificent and humane…her poetry is pitch-perfect, gloriously exact.’ Julian Stannard

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Here birds are // Arthur Allen

Art Allen is currently dividing his time between Oxford and Amsterdam as he prepares to continue his writing and artistic practice at the RKD in The Hague. This moving first pamphlet explores the emotional aftermath of his father’s sudden death.

‘I have not read anything like this, so intimate and so vast.’ Michael Ondaatje

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The Spirit Vaults // Sheila Hamilton

‘Sheila Hamilton is a poet whose work evades the standard tropes of mainstream English poetry…such a rare sighting in the field is to be welcomed….Her poetry unearths layers of history, the destructive work of totalitarian regimes, the survival of dissident flames, and glitters with detritus, human and animal remains.’ David Caddy

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The Pronoun Utopia // David Sergeant

‘David Sergeant’s poetry is alive – it speaks so distinctly through its complexity and double-parries….This is the urgency, concision and beauty of the well-turned lyric revitalised with the history of Language poetry and every rough edge is perfect; every polished surface vibrant.’ – Luke Kennard

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Fell Year // Kelly E. Sullivan

In this debut pamphlet, Kelly Sullivan explores the wilder shores of relationships, landscape, the pain of being human. There is darkness, but also hope.

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Teaching a Bird to Sing // Tracey Rhys

Tracey Rhys’s beautiful pamphlet of poems explores her son’s diagnosis of autism, what it means to her and the frustrations, worries and hopes it brings.

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Later there will be Postcards // Claire Booker

Claire Booker’s debut pamphlet is an accomplished collection of poems, which are

‘…clear-eyed and elegant and bring how we relate to each other into memorable and sharp focus’. Lisa Kelly

In addition to being a published poet, Claire is a widely produced playwright.

This pamphlet is the longest we’ve produced so far, and with a designed spine, hence the slight price increase.

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liferoom-front-finalLife Room // Ivonne Piper

Ivonne Piper’s Life Room is a mature first collection. Her language embraces mystery as she ranges widely in subject matter and she uses space on the page fearlessly, with an artist’s eye for colour and light. She has trained and worked as an artist and now lives in Anglesey.

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RadishLegs 5sage (1) copyRadish Legs, Duck Feet // Sayuri Ayers

Sayuri Ayers lives in Ohio, USA. Her first pamphlet contains closely related poems packed with emotion. Drawing on her dual Chinese/Japanese heritage, Sayuri explores how we define ourselves and the stories we tell to make sense of our identities.

‘…This set of poems is astonishing in the vividness of experience, chilling in its precision…’ Louise Robertson

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The Withering Room // Sarah Sibley The Withering Room

Sarah’s first pamphlet takes us into the lives of others, from sea-captains to widowers and the internal musings of a ship’s desk.

Sarah Sibley’s poems crackle with the static of absences and half-known things, set in an English village haunted by the cultural flotsam and jetsam of the age. She gives evocative shape to a private vision, and writes with great economy, precision and promise” – Paul Farley

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Man front LMan From La Paz // Jill Munro

Jill Munro’s first full collection is a funny, sexy mix of life-lessons and wild imaginings.

Jill Munro’s arresting first collection brims with imagination, from the gorgeous title poem where a knitted doll unnervingly comes to life, to the monologue of a sassy woodland sprite. Sometimes spiky, often tender, no matter what the subject her eye remains thrillingly sharp” – John McCullough

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