Three-Eyed Wolf by Stephanie Jacob


Stephanie Jacob’s first poetry collection is a tour de force of the life of Boudica, the warrior queen. Bloody, gripping and moving, it is easy to forget that not many facts are known about her life, such is Jacob’s skill in imagining Boudica’s reign, her demise and subsequent legacy.

6 reviews for Three-Eyed Wolf by Stephanie Jacob

  1. David Fielder (verified owner)

    Like breaking open an ancient stone and discovering a glorious display of crystals inside.

  2. Ken Cumberlidge

    Widow. Mother. Vengeance-taker. Freedom fighter. Legend.

    With a driving narrative and a descriptive heft so profound it left this reader dry-mouthed and quick of pulse, “Three-Eyed Wolf” is a work of transporting intensity: 32 poems in which Boudica – Queen of the Iceni; terror of “civilised” Rome – breaks the silence of near two millennia to voice her testimony, make her case, and cast a knowing eye on the varying ways her life has been co-opted and made myth in the centuries since.

    As imagined with visceral immediacy by Stephanie Jacob, here is Boudica as fully realised human being: a woman simultaneously both typical and exceptional, driven by the need to avenge the outrages visited upon her family, tribe and race, to acts that confound her enemies and exceed even her own understanding of what it is to be human.

    • Jennifer Grigg

      Thank you Ken, so pleased you like Three-Eyed Wolf.

  3. Penny Fielding

    An extraodinary collection–dramatic, thoughtful, terryfying, lyrical all at the same time. Boudica’s story is political as she moves through history in these poems, but also intenely immediate and thrilling. A superb new poetic voice.

  4. John Lescault (verified owner)

    This stunning debut is written with grace,elegance, wit,intelligence,and buckets of feeling.

  5. Mel Forte (verified owner)

    Heart stirring work , full of power. The poems awaken the voice of the long dead Iceni Queen in such a strong and beautiful way and the themes all resonate today. Very moving.

  6. Graham Sharrock (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful creation affording us a stunning insight into the brutal collision of forces that shaped our world. Poems like GIRLS and THIRSTY; the first thrumming with agonising violence; the second, still and silent with threat, demonstrate a poetic and theatrical skill in capturing intense moments of lives experienced beyond our knowledge – an immense achievement. Congratulations!

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